Our expert excavation services include:

  • Low-impact, clean, and non-destructive digging
  • Accurate exposure of underground services and infrastructures
  • Potholing, trenching and piers
  • Cleaning of drains, pits, conduits, pipes, culverts, hoppers, and water mains
  • Damage-free excavation around and beneath tree roots, buildings, and other permanent structures
  • Industrial vacuuming of wet and dry materials
  • Cleaning of grids and road crossings

Why Use Vacuum Excavation?

  • Eliminate Rush & Save time
  • Non destructive form of excavation to expose underground services
  • Operates in confined spaces easily and efficiently
  • Effective method of cleaning pits, hoppers, drains and pipes etc
  • Reduce the risk of costly repairs to damaged underground services


If you want to virtually eliminate the risk of damage and the associated rectification costs that can be entailed when excavating around utilities, you need to talk to the excavation experts here at Hydrovac Services.


Using our truck-mounted, fully contained Hydrovac excavation equipment, we can carry out accurate, non-destructive vacuum excavations and utility location service